The story: Here and Now.

This is a summary to give an indication of what the story might look like when its finished.

The story is set in an apocalyptic world and is about a little boy that wakes up and finds himself stranded in an abandoned hospital. There is no one but himself, free at last to play you would say, but not for long. There is no one to play with. Loneliness kicks in. Not to mention the fear he has of scary places, being alone in the first place, especially when it’s dark. He finds a huge tank, a big angry machine and starts his journey in search of someone to play with. I am not afraid! I am not afraid! He yells as he gains confidence from the machine and sets out to his journey. During this journey he finds obstacles and places to face and investigate despite his fears. Along the way he creates quite the collection of remnants that connect to what he is in search of, but he just can’t seem to find. Overall during the story, the little kid becomes more and more sad and angry, because he can’t find anyone, until he reaches a point where he realises he doesn’t really need anyone but himself and learns to let go of past and future. At this point he becomes aware of all the joy that is around him, all the beautiful things around him and all the fun he can create. He crawls out of his machine and plays outside with the greatest joy. Once he was blind, but now he can see. In fact he was so much in his shell, the big angry machine, his sorrow, that he was unable to see the lovely creatures that were around him all along trying to follow him. They were scared away every time when they tried to get closer, because of the scary machine and his mood. Yet this wasn’t his only surprise. A nice girl suddenly appears. A story about letting go, becoming present to the moment vs loneliness and the law of attraction.